Language Courses

If you are interested in improving your English (or any other second language), we offer a wide range of language courses for students and adults:

  • Boarding school summer programmes for foreign students is a unique opportunity to combine English classes with sightseeing, cultural visits, social and physical activities (football, swimming, tennis, golf, horse riding etc). We work with different schools in the UK – many in beautiful historic locations and always within easy reach of airports. We choose only the best schools based on our personal experience and feedback from our clients.
  • Summer schools and sports camps – international students can choose camps with English language lessons. The programme may include a variety of excursions as well.
  • Language courses all year round with host family accommodation. Host families welcome their guest like a member of the family, talk to them frequently and help them communicate in the target language.
  • Courses with qualified teachers who offer language tuition and stay at their home. Living with a teacher is probably the most effective way to become fully immersed into the language and culture of your chosen country. The teachers offer individual tuition and do all they can to make sure the language study holiday is a success.

We offer courses not only in England, but in other countries too. If you plan to learn or improve English, French, German or any other language, we will help you to choose and register for a language course in England, France, Germany and other countries. Our administrative services for booking language courses are free.

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