Boost in popularity for Maths, Computing and Classical subjects

Languages and the creative arts are falling out of favour among GCSE and A-level students. Provisional figures for the number of entries for GCSE and A-level qualifications in England this summer have been published.

Here’s what we know

Boost for Maths and Computing

Rishi Sunak has a reason to celebrate, as entries for maths subjects are on the rise. Although his plan to make maths education compulsory until age 18 has yet to be implemented, Statistics entries at GCSE level have increased by 18.4% since last summer. Meanwhile, Maths entries have risen by 5%.

Also, computing A-level entries rose up to almost 15% from 15,210 last year to 17,420 this year.

Languages in trouble

According to these figures for England, exam entries for German have dropped by 17% for A-level students and 6% for GCSE studies. Meanwhile, Spanish and French entries have fallen by 13% at A-level. However, there has been a 5% increase in Spanish GCSEs and French entries have remained at a similar level.

Classical subjects are getting popular but creative subjects decline

Not only maths and tech subjects are enjoying a burst in popularity. Entries to classical subjects at GCSE rose by almost 25%, while at A-level entries increased by 20 %.

However, art and design entries are down by 3% at GCSE level, music entries fell by 12%, drama entries declined by 7%, and performing arts entries dropped quite significantly – by 16%.

We wish good luck to all our students taking their last exams!

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 Elena Colquhoun, MSc, PGCE, ACIL

Director of Best Start Education, qualified teacher and examiner